Para Equestrian Ireland


As a affiliate of Horse Sport Ireland we are committed to child protection and safeguarding.


Anyone who has a Safeguarding concerns should contact the National Children’s Officer (NCO) or Designated Liaison Person (DLP)

NCO Cassandra Morris, email:

DLP Helen Kearney, email:





Our risk assessment and child safeguarding statements can be downloaded here

PEI Risk Assessment March 2018

PEI Child Safeguarding Statement 2019


Safeguarding is a important area there are many forms that can be downloaded here


1.     Horse Sport Ireland Safeguarding Training Policy

2.     HSI code of conduct for Parent(s)/ Guardian(s)

3.     HSI code of conduct for coaches, chaperones and team members

4.     HSI code of conduct for Young Athletes

5.     PEI travel permission form

6.     PEI accident report form

7.     PEI complaints form

8.     PEI incident report form

9.     PEI photographic consent form

10.  HSI missing child policy for equestrian sports

11.  HSI social media policy