Para Equestrian Ireland


A selection policy is there in order to choose the best panel of riders to compete at an international competition. Selection policies are drafted for various different competitions  (eg. Paralympics)

The criteria for moving from national to international level is published here

In general selectors will be looking at?

Selectors consider the following:

  • Individual horse & rider combinations
  • International competition results
  • National competition results organised by PEI or Dressage Ireland
  • A rider’s attendance and performance at various training camps whether organised by PEI or Paralympics Ireland.
  • A rider’s performance and commitment to his/her personal training programme
  • A rider’s ability to perform under rules of competition (FEI)
  • A rider’s ability to work with all team members (Vet, Grooms, Trainers, Managers, etc.)


The Selectors

  • Are independent of PEI in the arrangement of their procedures
  • They are entitled to meet and consult with such professionals as they deem fit, including the team trainer and the riding member’s personal trainer.
  • The level of assistance (due to disability) that a rider requires in order to take part in international competition will not be part of the selection criteria.
  • The names of the independent selectors and their curriculum vitae shall be readily available to riding members on request from the Council.